Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life is full of misery

Never post for past few days. busy. this few days i had been thinking about life. when im young, my parents dotes on me. cause everything i listen to them. especially mummy. im like a mama boy. should i return to the boy i am last time? then parents wont keep nagging or shout at me. but i will be time limit when i go out. life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering. i suffer the most, loneliness second and for misery , is last  

Monday, May 16, 2011


Looking back at the tears would make me laugh, but sorrow. looking back at th laughs might make me cry. bcos i miss your voice. i miss th days we're out tgt. i miss every single memories i had with you. and i remember every single word you say by heart. these 2 days had not been posting. raher busy. on sunday . hmmm i cant remember wad i do. but i rmb i went to work :D . then blablabla . nth much on sunday. ytd went pepper lunch:D it was so nice OMG. and thn went to slack at the tree hse play ground at IMM. we climb up and took photos. although the notifications put age 5-12. went home. i thought i will had insomnia . but then i slept @ around 5am. woke @ 8 plus. so is around 3 to 4 hours. i had nightmares  ): hope th night mares wont happen in realife or i really dont know what i can do. i miss her badly. but nothing can be done .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

being emotional

looking at this. its from google once again. but it says totally whats in me. what a coincidence. loving u is not an option . meeting you is a blessing from god. knowing myself not good enough for you is my loss. i keep coughing nowadays. hoping that one dayy cough till i vomit blood again. and see which of th people will sad, which will happy, which will celebrate. one day if this really happens. take it as i just never exist in you before. and you'll be fine. but one day if she died. i will hang myself to death too. cos for th oni reason. i can't simply live without her. she is everything to me in life.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Love Is Life

 Love is Life. If you miss love you will lose your life
 too. to me i miss love. i miss everything. life become
 so sucks that i dun even feel like facing it, having
 a fake smile in your eyes, a deep cut in my heart
 . I believe everything is fated , you will be mine one
 day. maybe 5-6 years later or more? i will wait till
 the day comes. 19th may is coming. that date
 reminds me of something. but nothing can be done
 . peeps say my blog very emotional. some say
 is a good post. ya emotional stuff only will came
 out through my blog i guess. because me myself is
 emotional. i could tears when i watch tevee. so ya  :/
 will update blog again later  (:


Can't sleep for 3 days. had insomnia. even if i sleep. oni for 1 hour or 2. Missing her is all i can do. today got back maths paper. it sucks. well looking back at her past message again. i do not know why . but i just felt good when i ever look back at past message. although did tears. but hais.. having cough again.. maybe need go hospital.. i scare to go there as anything could happen to me. if you ask me who is the one whom i scare i might not see again. i will say th first one will be her. . . dream of her almost everynight. although dream is short but still tears  ;)